Geforce experience?

I remember I read a fresh article about Geforce experience & studio drivers now support Omniverse.

Is this true? If so, how can I use this feature?

Hello @pekka.varis! This is a great question. I’ve asked the development team to look into adding the ability to keep your GPU drivers up-to-date through the Omniverse Launcher (Internal Ticket OM-36468)

Our GeForce Experience application will help you keep your gaming drivers up-to-date. Download GeForce Experience

You can download the latest Studio drivers (which have Omniverse Support) from here: NVIDIA DRIVERS NVIDIA Studio Driver

I hope I was able to answer your questions, if not, please let me know so that I can get more information to you.

Thanks Wendy!
This was helpful - but do I understand this right: GeForce Experience is not adjusting any settings specifically for omniverse, at least not now with the current version?

I am using driver ver 471.68-desktop btw…


Hi @pekka.varis

At this time I am not aware of any setting optimization for Omniverse through GeForce Experience. Here is a link to the applications supported by GeForce Experience: Supported Games for NVIDIA GeForce Experience
Omniverse is not currently listed as a supported application.

You can also find a link to this list through the GeForce Experience application and navigate to Settings (gear icon) > Games & Apps. You can scan &/or manually add Omniverse to GeForce, but there are no added benefits that I am aware of at this time.

I did reach out to the team about your questions and I will post here when I get more information about this!

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