I can't install Geforce experience

I have a problem with Geforce Experience. When I try to install the drivers, it says “NVIDIA GeForce Experience 2.1.5 status not instaled” and “NVIDIA Update Core status error”. I tried to uninstall and install again several times, install previous drivers, cleaning registers… and nothing it works. If you have any solution I would appreciate. Thank you.

I’m having the exact same problem, started 2-3 days ago. It’s quite annoying? Did you fix it or are you still having problems?
Either way i’m following!

I got the same problem recently, After buying Dying light today i want to optomilize the game with the geforce experience program.
It dind’t start so i contact live chat supported by Nvidia…
Can honestly they made it worse… now i can’t even download it anymore.
Hope there will be a fix soon for us all.
After spending 5+ hours with these guys i am nowhere near a solution.

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Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us within 24 hours.

Question Reference #150127-000438
Summary: Chat Session
Product Level 1: GeForce Experience
Date Created: 01/27/2015 05:14 PM
Last Updated: 01/27/2015 05:14 PM
Status: New
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Discussion Thread
Chat Transcript 01/27/2015 05:14 PM
[04:04:47 PM] Hi, my name is Shreyas. How may I help you?
[04:04:54 PM] John van Bruggen: Hello Shreyas
[04:05:02 PM] John van Bruggen: i got a problem with the geforce experience software
[04:05:18 PM] John van Bruggen: last time it said it needed an update for the optimilization of Dying light.,
[04:05:23 PM] John van Bruggen: so i accepted the update
[04:05:27 PM] John van Bruggen: and now it won’t start
[04:06:10 PM] Shreyas: Is your cards in SLI?

[04:06:37 PM] John van Bruggen: SLI?
[04:06:40 PM] John van Bruggen: what does that mean
[04:07:01 PM] Shreyas: What is the card model number you have?

[04:07:23 PM] John van Bruggen: GTX 760
[04:07:24 PM] John van Bruggen: inno3d
[04:07:26 PM] John van Bruggen: herculez
[04:08:44 PM] Shreyas: Could you please uninstall the drivers and the GeForce Experience and then reinstall it and check if the same issue happens
[04:09:48 PM] John van Bruggen: i just did
[04:09:59 PM] John van Bruggen: i installed the latest drivers without geforce experience
[04:10:36 PM] John van Bruggen: 347.25 driver is installed completely except geforce experience
[04:11:57 PM] Shreyas: Now please reinstall the 347.25 and then install the GeForce Experience again and let me know if the same issue happens
[04:14:46 PM] Shreyas: is the GeForce Experience not installing at all?
[04:14:56 PM] John van Bruggen: not at all
[04:15:40 PM] John van Bruggen: i try’d to reinstall the prior engine
[04:15:45 PM] John van Bruggen: then it installs
[04:16:00 PM] John van Bruggen: but when i start the program it says it needs to install the 2.2.2 version
[04:16:03 PM] John van Bruggen: and when i do that
[04:16:10 PM] John van Bruggen: it will result into the printscreen
[04:17:13 PM] Shreyas: Could you please disable the firewall and antivirus and check if that helps in installing GeForce experience
[04:20:08 PM] John van Bruggen: same result
[04:22:57 PM] Shreyas: What operating system are you using?
[04:23:04 PM] John van Bruggen: win 7 64 bit
[04:24:41 PM] Shreyas: Download and install this driver : GeForce Game Ready Driver | 347.09 | Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit | NVIDIA
[04:24:55 PM] Shreyas: Then reinstall GeForce Experience
[04:30:23 PM] John van Bruggen: same result
[04:34:29 PM] Shreyas: Try this
[04:34:30 PM] Shreyas:

  1. Bring up the Windows Search option.
  2. Type in “msconfig.exe” (without the quotes) and hit ENTER. This should bring up the System Configuration window.
  3. Click “Selective startup” option.
  4. Uncheck “Load startup items”
  5. Click the “Services” tab
  6. Check the “Hide all Microsoft services” box
  7. Click Disable all
  8. Now re-enable only the NVIDIA services
  9. Click OK
  10. Restart Windows
  11. Once back in Windows try launch GeForce Experience again.
    [04:38:55 PM] John van Bruggen: same result
    [04:42:31 PM] Shreyas: please perform the following steps to send us the “msinfo32” (system configuration) file and the motherboard details.
    a) Click on the Start button.
    b) Select Search,
    c) In the Open field, type in “msinfo32” and then press the OK button.
    d) This will bring up the Microsoft System Information Utility. Click on File and then save to save this information to your hard drive. You may give it any name you choose.
    e) Once the file has been saved on your hard drive, attach it to this support request so that we could review your system configuration.
    [04:45:43 PM] Shreyas: Please open NVIDIA Control panel > Click on help > Select system information > Click on save and send it
    [04:49:21 PM] Shreyas: Need this logging file when GeForce Experience is being installed : How to enable NVIDIA Graphics Driver and GeForce Experience installer logging | NVIDIA
    [04:51:32 PM] John van Bruggen: this is allot ur asking.
    [04:51:59 PM] John van Bruggen: why do i have to show all my install log files if u already know that its not my driver or hardware thats making this error
    [04:52:34 PM] Shreyas: Sorry John, I need to have this case checked with a different team and need the log file as well to see why its failing… Without this again they will ask me to check with you…
    [04:52:46 PM] Shreyas: That is why asking all details so nce I can check and provide the details
    [04:53:17 PM] John van Bruggen: wa are registry keys
    [04:53:21 PM] John van Bruggen: and how do i get them?
    [04:53:57 PM] John van Bruggen: ah i see
    [04:53:59 PM] John van Bruggen: files below
    [04:54:21 PM] John van Bruggen: is it okay to put them on screen instead of files
    [04:54:39 PM] Shreyas: Click YES to add to the registry.
  1. Reinstall the NVIDIA Geforce display driver or the NVIDIA Geforce Experience installation process again as you did before.

  2. When the installation has completed/failed, you may disable the logging function by double clicking on the file “DisableLogging.reg”.

  3. After installation/failed installation, the installer log files containing information from your failed installation will be found in the directory:


We will also need SetupAPI log files. Depending on your operating system, they will be found in the directory below: please attached these logs:

For Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10:
[04:54:47 PM] Shreyas: I need the files please
[04:55:50 PM] John van Bruggen: 2) Before the installation, please re-name or delete the existing logs mentioned below on your system (if these files do not exist on your system, proceeed to step 3).
[04:56:01 PM] John van Bruggen: wat installation are they talkking about?
[04:57:12 PM] Shreyas: please ignore this step
[04:57:22 PM] John van Bruggen: ok
[05:00:24 PM] John van Bruggen: We will also need SetupAPI log files. Depending on your operating system, they will be found in the directory below: please attached these logs:

For Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10:
[05:00:28 PM] John van Bruggen: cant find this
[05:01:09 PM] Shreyas: That’s ok
[05:01:22 PM] John van Bruggen: is this enough?
[05:01:45 PM] Shreyas: Yes it is… I will have a check with the different team and will keep you updated on this.
[05:01:51 PM] Shreyas: to : jvanbruggen1992@gmail.com
[05:01:53 PM] Shreyas: via email
[05:02:02 PM] John van Bruggen: how long will this take
[05:02:16 PM] John van Bruggen: because i am restricted from playing any games at this point.
[05:03:33 PM] Shreyas: Are there no games working?
[05:04:22 PM] John van Bruggen: It says that it’s not recommended to play high end games such as BF4 Dying Light watchdogs NFS rivals without geforce experience optimilization
[05:04:35 PM] John van Bruggen: i get allot of warning when i try to launch them
[05:04:59 PM] Shreyas: That is alright… you may ignore them and play the games… That has nothing to do with any of the issue you are facing.
[05:05:27 PM] John van Bruggen: but it is affection the graphical vieuw of the games
[05:05:49 PM] John van Bruggen: i ignored the warning one time for dying light since it’s release is today
[05:05:59 PM] John van Bruggen: and the graphics where not up to my standerds
[05:06:23 PM] Shreyas: You need to change the game graphics to medium and then play the games this should help
[05:06:52 PM] John van Bruggen: i bought the GTX 760 so i can play it at maximum graphics not for medium
[05:07:29 PM] John van Bruggen: but thanks for the advice that could be helpfull for now.
[05:07:42 PM] John van Bruggen: How long does it take before i get an answer on a solution
[05:07:56 PM] Shreyas: For now please play the games in medium to high settings… We will get an answer as soon as possible
[05:08:11 PM] John van Bruggen: is there an estimate of time.
[05:09:18 PM] Shreyas: Withing tomorrow we should have a update on this
[05:09:54 PM] John van Bruggen: ok that sounds good to me.
[05:09:59 PM] John van Bruggen: thanks for the assitence
[05:10:08 PM] John van Bruggen: i wish u a goodnight
[05:10:19 PM] Shreyas: You are welcome… have a great Night :)
[05:12:55 PM] ‘John van Bruggen’ is currently ‘Absent’. Approximately 120 seconds until disconnect.


So it’s currently under investigation.
Ill post any progress in the future.

If ur trying to do the same things with the live chat support.
Make sure that when u follow the instructions u make printscreens of the result to proof that u have done it in the right way.
It’s allot of work, but they can’t resist not to help you.

Got the same thing, very strange I must say. Glad to hear it’s under investigation and I look forward to any respone you may give me.

Best regards, Hugo.

I have had the same issue For a while now and still no fix.
I wouldn’t mind to much but I want to use shadowplay for recording.
Can someone please help




Sorry for The multiple posts

It’s still not fixed. I’ve just tried to install the new version and as in the version I get these problems

  • NVIDIA GeForce Experience version - Not Installed
  • NVIDIA Update Core version Failed
    If anyone knows a way to fix this I would really like to hear it.

I’m having this problem now.

I have done EVERYTHING they’ve asked me. And nothing! I can’t play any games at all and I too have the GTX 760. I’m just waiting for a reply from them. If my problem gets solved, I will share it with everyone.
So frustrating!!

I had the same problem and solved today.

Steps I have done:

  1. Removed C:/NVIDIA folder
  2. Removed C:/Program Files/Nvidia*
  3. Removed C:/Program Files (x86)/Nvidia*
  4. De-installed everything NVIDIA-* (3D, Audio, everything) from the "Programs and Features" Dialogue
  5. Installed Geforce Experience and Drivers
  6. ???
  7. Profit

Note: I had to stop the Nvidia Services to delete some of the files, you can do that in the Task Manager with Admin Rights (click “Show processes from all users” in the “Processes” tab to enable admin rights) under the “Services” tab.

If I remember correctly I had to restart multiple times between the de-installtions. The standard VGA driver will be installed during those reboots.

Anyway, that way it worked (and I also freed like 10 GB of older driver versions), I hope it helps someone.

Had the same issue today, i had just reinstalled windows to use the 64bit version,so needed to reinstall drivers.
geforce experience failed.
looked in device manager and some components didnt have drivers, used my motherboard driver disc to install these drivers, including acpi driver,I retried installing geforce experience and it worked, easy fix and worth trying first?
hopefully this helps.

Same problem here.

I tried to install the 350.12 driver version, it deleted everything related to graphics and it didn’t install the new one. So, my graphic card is “useles” right now.

I installed the driver through the device manager and tried installing Geforce Experience but it didn’t work either.


Hey guys,

Im having the same problem with GeForce_Experience_v2.4.3.31. Cant install it… I havent been able to find a solution to this… have I missed something in this thread?

Been having this installer issue since the experience program first came out. Why should I have to jump through hoops to get it updated? Shouldn’t it just work? Seems to me that Nvidia spends all their money on hardware engineers but none on software engineers. Just fix this already…

I just got notification when updated on that unable to install it and ALSO unable to install Net. Framework 4.0 even if I already have it installed. New product, but same eggs.

Did this work for anyone else? and do I need to delete my driver too? I’m not to keen on doing that if I can not reinstall it again. I just don’t want NVIDIA to start any hicups with my system…

I have Windows 8.1 (No jokes please)
GTX 760M
i7 oh and it’s a Notebook if that counts for anything…

Never had this problem intill recently when I just feelt like opening the program, Don’t really use it for much else than update my drivers every now and then when I think the current one is the source of my problems…

I too have problem with GeForce Experience install - Status “Not installed”

Logs have those relevant rows:
6.200 | ERROR: [NVI2.NVDiskSpaceConstraint] 1173@CNVDiskSpaceConstraint::InvokeCheck : COM error: Exception {0x80070490 - Element not found.; File: NVDiskSpaceConstraint.cpp; Line: 250}.
6.200 | ERROR: [NVI2.InstallThread] 54@CInstallThread::ThreadProc : Install failed - Exception {0x80070490 - Element not found.; File: InstallationStepper.cpp; Line: 866} - going to fail state.
6.200 | DEBUG: [NVI2.Installation] 105@CInstallationStepper::Present : Presenting “!InstallFailed”.
12.800 | ERROR: [NVI2.NVInstaller] 240@CNVInstaller::PerformSteps : Installation failed with error Exception {0x80070490 - Element not found.; File: SimpleThread.h; Line: 228}.