GeForce 740M / Asus X550L / CODE 43 AFTER WINDOWS 10 UPDATE

Hi , I have changed my current os to Windows 10 my GeForce 740M giving Code 43.

I have updated my graphics driver to 353.62-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql

Problem is not solved.Windows Update says Your Device is Updated.

I have updated DirectX as well.

Also another major problem is ‘video_tdr_failure igdkmd64.sys’ Blue Screen Of Death

Whenever i open o high graphic required application i am getting this error.

Can anyone help me about this i really don’t want to Downgrade back to 8.1

My suggestion is try this driver:


Also see this thread:

Although your scenario isn’t exactly the same (you have 2 GPUs but one is an intel GPU) I suspect the underlying issue may be similar. A WDDM driver mismatch.

I got the same problema and GeForce 341.44 Driver didnt work ;(

I have the exact same problem, I will attempt to try both links provided and post the results here

Second link unsuccessful onto the first.

None worked.
I really don’t wanna roll back to 8.1 :(

Still no solution, save us Asus X550L users plz

Same problem. It works on 8.1, alongside intel hd graphics 4400 on dell vostro 5470. Tried all windows 10 nvidia drivers available on dell or nvidia webpages without success. I’ve only got a bsod once (VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR), but I dunno if it is relevant…

Same problem here with dell vostro 5470 after windows 10 upgrade.

I got the same problem. I have a NVIDIA GT 740M and intel HD Graphics 4600. It worked for a while but when my laptop tried to install the latest windows 10 nvidia driver it ended up giving me code 43. I tried installing an older driver but it gave me the same error.

I got the same problem. I have a vostro 5470 and after windows 10 upgrade I got error code 43.

I have a vostro 5470 with nvidia geforce gt 740m and after install windows 10 my laptop nvidia graphics doesn’t work because I got error code 43.

I´ve got the same problem!
I check every Driver , nothing works on Z77 Sabertooth / I7 /geforce GTX 760.
Bluescreens when install Win 10 if the Intel Grafik is on, yellow marked Geforce with all Versions of Driver. .Before everything runs fine under Win7 64bit Ultima
Last i remember the Virtu MVP Driver, so i uninstall this tool, restart the System and the Grafikcard starts with DriverVersion 347.09 without Problems, update to 352.63 works fine too , and last enable the GMA 4000 in Bios, and after an other Restart this internal Card is in Device Manager and works too.

So i solve this Problem by this way !!

Maybee it fix your Problem too ??

Greetings Thomas

i have Hp ENvy 15 j002el laptop, geforce gt740m, and i’ve got the same issue!! i am really frustrated with not working nvidia drivers!!

Same Issue here. I’ve Clean installed windows 10 installed all the drivers of Nvidia for windows 10 one by one, nothing works. Even the windows 8,1 driver designated for my Asus X550LB, no luck. What is Wrong here? How can It be fixed?

Hi, I got this problen too. I tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall, and it doess’t work.
I got this problem in windows 8.1 too, I update my OS to windwos 10.

I have the same problem but i found that windows 10 has a problem with nvidia GPU’s. I tink the next windows update will fix this system bug.Until then we dont have nothing to do onli to install windows 8 or 7.
PS:Sorry my bad english.

Still no word from Nvidia or windows. Nice customer care.

I have a 745m installed on my Asus Q555LF model laptop and when i installed windows10 my video card stopped working and i have used DDU to remove and install all the windows 10 drivers with no success. PLease FiX!!!


Yeah, I keep getting error 43 on my GTX 970M, and it’s really a bummer Nvidia and Mircrosoft don’t have any info for us, regardless of who’s fault it is.