Omniverse, isaac sim, AWS cloud, unreal connection, pegasus simulator

Hi, I want to do cool project that involves the following:

  1. Omniverse - installed in my computer.
  2. OMniverse will Use GPU from the AWS servers, since i dont have suitable GPU for that.
  3. Download isaac sim fron the omniverse.
  4. I want to run extension on issac sim “pegasus” which is a dynamic simulator.
  5. Connect unreal to my omniverse (via unreal - omniverse connector) , unreal will run on my computer GPU.

my question is that:

  1. someone did it before? or maybe part of the project?
    is it possible to use the GPU in AWS servers for running the omniverse and still do the connector between the omniverse and the unreal engine (which will be install on my computer) ?

Thanks a lot,