How to use function esp offload?

I could not see the esp offload function working in my environment, would someone help? Thanks

  1. the card used: MCX623106AC-CDAT

  2. the esp offload status: ethtool -k ens610np0 | grep esp
    tx-esp-segmentation: on
    esp-hw-offload: on [fixed]
    esp-tx-csum-hw-offload: on [fixed]

  3. the offload SA and policies as follows:

  4. the pcap tcpdump from card:
    only TX packet crypto is offload (is TCP packet shown in wireshark)while RX is not(ESP packet).


Please refer to the below page


hi samerka
Thanks for your reply, I should make my question clear: how to configure IPSec full crypto offload using ip xfrm? I mean hardware offload the encapsulation/decapsulation of ESP packet, not only the payload encryption/decryption.