How to enable ConnectX-5 NIC ipsec_offload capability


S/N MT2021K07389

After viewing the driver print, The Nic ipsec_offload capability bit is 0; (HCA Device Capabilities/ipsec_offload fields)

Set the ipsec_offload bit to 1 with the SET_HCA_CAP command, then query it with QUERY_HCA_CAP and the bit still is 0.

So ipsec esp offload can’t be turned on.

​I would like to ask you how to turn on the hca ipsec_offload capability ,thank you

Hi Wang,

Starting from OFED 5.2, IPsec full offload feature is supported in ConnectX-6-DX crypto card and Bluefield 2 crypto card. The Connectx-5 HCA card does not support this feature.


Is the ipsec Crypto Offload feature supported?