How to use gdr in GStreamer?

hello, How to use gdr in GStreamer?

There is no existing implementation in gstreamer nvv4l2h264enc/nvv4l2h265enc plugins. Please refer to the code in


And port it to the plugins. The plugins are open source. Please download the source code package and check.

hello, i use gst-nvvideo4linux2_src.tbz2 to make, but happen this error, why ? i dont find this .h

Please check if you have installed jetson_multimedia_api package. The file is at


hello, I want to know if I set gdr to be set all the time? Or it can be configured once, I see the demo is in the “while (1)” inside

You would need to periodically set the parameters to enable GDR stream periodically.

hello ,I added “enable-gdr” in imitation of this other attribute, but I failed to use it, can you provide a little idea, this file is where I modified gst-nvvideo4linux2_src.tbz2

diff.txt (4.3 KB)

I want it to always be in gdr format

Since the code is open source, you may add prints to debug further.

The implementation is ready in jetson_multimedia_api. May also consider use jetson_multimedia_api to develop your use-case.

Hello, my current project uses GStreamer to implement the whole process, so I would like to try if I can add it so as not to modify too many things to affect production,why don’t you add this in GStreamer,thank you

Since the part is public, it would be great if you can do implementation by referring to the sample.

How to set nGDRFrames?

When there is no setting, it is normal but not gdr. After setting, it cannot be used. How to get it

Please set the parameters:

VEnc_gdr_params.nGDRFrames = ctx.gdr_num_frames;
VEnc_imeta_param.flag |= V4L2_ENC_INPUT_GDR_PARAM_FLAG;
VEnc_imeta_param.VideoEncGDRParams = &VEnc_gdr_params;

to initial frame of the GDR cycle. Once the cycle is done, please set the next cycle.

hello, i changed"gst_v4l2_video_enc_loop", now it has been compiled and can be called normally, but the recorded video is still in IDR format, may I ask what else I need to modify? Thank you

You are setting the parameter to encoded h264 stream. Please set it to input YUV frames.

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