How to use ISP function in TX2 kernal driver?

Now I have downloaded Jetson TX2 Driver Package Source code(r27.1.0_sources),And I try to find the isp interfaces for set/get(such as color tone,gamma,saturation or rgb2rgb and so on) in the kernal driver, but found nothing. Could you show me where is the code(about isp interfaces) ?And how should i use these isp interfaces?

Hi nklc
I am sorry to let you know. Due to IP the ISP relative information are not public.

Thank you for your response.
As you said,TX2’ISP is IP,but how should I use your ISP for adjust color tone,gamma,saturation or rgb2rgb matrix? Could you tell me where are the ISP interfaces or APIs to set/get color tone coefficients,gamma tables,saturation coefficients or rgb2rgb matrix?And where is the ISP lib?

Hi nklc

Current only the argus API, You can download from here
And also there have some sample code if you install the tegra_mutimedia_api when you flash the device via
jetpack. And there’s Argus.0.96.pdf about the argus interface.

Thanks for your help!
But what are the C files used for under this code path’Jetson TX2 Driver Package\kernel\t18x\drivers\video\tegra\dc\nvdisp*.c’? Is this code related to ISP set/get function in kernel?

It’s display not isp. Like NV Display