How to use TAO Toolkit

Is it possible to use the TAO Toolkit to directly implement a model downloaded from NGC into DeepStream without transfer learning, or convert it to the TensorRT engine?

Yes, please refer to Integrating TAO Models into DeepStream - NVIDIA Docs.
And also


Are JetPack6.0 and DeepStream6.4 compatible?

Yes, you can check Quickstart Guide — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation.

I’m using Jetson Orin Nano. To convert to TensorRT engine, do I need to build a TAO Toolkit environment on Orin Nano and generate engine files?

No, you can copy the onnx file to Orin nano and then use trtexec to generate engine in it.

Can you give me more information about trtexec?

You can refer to Optimizing and Profiling with TensorRT - NVIDIA Docs.

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