How to validate NVIDIA UART

Jetpack 5.1.1

i need to validate the nvidia uart other than loopback
sudo picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyTHS0

Instead of Typing if we copy the content of a file contains UART to the UART terminal and to read back
can it be done using dd command or cat ?

sudo su
dd if=test.txt of=/dev/ttyTHS0 bs=1
i have entered a text in the file test.txt

cat /dev/ttyTHS0

but not getting a output

Hi amb018753,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin Nano?

Please try using echo command to write to the UART interface.

Do you want to use picocom or ehco + cat to verify?
You can only open /dev/ttyTHS0 with one application/tool at the same time.

i need to check loopback of UART from a PC without entering the nano terminal

custom board

echo + cat

yes…only one DUT at a time

Please short TXD/RXD and run the following commands to verify UART first.

$ sudo su
# stty -F /dev/ttyTHS0 115200 raw -echo
# cat /dev/ttyTHS0 &
# echo "test" > /dev/ttyTHS0



In the last image it didn’t loopback
What is the issue isn’t stable?

Is these commands for verifying NVIDIA UART

Could you help me with this to verify

Yes, they are used to perform simply loopback verification for UART.
It seems you can received the string you sent.

May I know why you create multiple process to cat /dev/ttyTHS0?
You can just open 2 terminal.
And run cat /dev/ttyTHS0 in first terminial.
and run echo "XXX" > /dev/ttyTHS0 in the second terminal.

i can only open 1 DUT

why is it taking so much gaps or lines to display text
uart_loopback.txt (266 Bytes)

these much lines its taking
is it something related to baudrate

You can access your board with multiple SSH session.

What’s your baudrate in use?