How to wire external power button to TX2 board

It seems from my googling that I need to use the J6 pins, but I can’t find J6 anywhere on the TX2 dev board. I can find J4 (labeled PNL PWR / LED) and J8 labaled (GND / SOC ONLY RST). I see J14 and a bunch of pins, J20 and a bunch of pins, etc.

I have a modified case to throw the TX2 in with the NVME drive I have installed via a riser, but just need a way to turn this board on without having to open the case every time.

Any help? Pic would be most helpful. I have a two pin “POWER SW” cable coming off the case. One yellow one black.

The two pin 0.1" headers next to the buttons can be momentarily shorted to do the same as tapping the button. One side is ground, the other side is active.

  • J9: Force recovery.
  • J6: Power.
  • J3: Reset.

Do you have a picture by chance? I don’t see any visible pins to attach the wires to.

There is .pdf file of schematic and assembly in here:

Also note that the silkscreen labels connectors in tiny white lettering next to the pins, and that the pins are very close to the buttons.

I have the same issue. The pins for J3, J4, J6, J9 seem to be missing on my new TX2. Could it be a change in recent carrier board design for TX2? I am trying to connect an external power button to the TX2 so that I can power it on using the button instead of pushing on S4. Thanks

You can get the location and usage of them in assembly and schematic files in B04 Design Package.

J3=Reset; J6=Power; J9=Recovery

In current latest C02 Design Package, these connectors are no longer included.

Hi Trumany
I’m also interested in powering up the TX2 using pins on the board…Seems like I have the new revision of the board, I don’t have a J6 connector next to the power button

Is there a workaround for the new carrier board design?

You means that c02 version could not plase on a hard case and connect extenal power switch?

Please check the c02 schematic in the package for detail:

Thanks for your comments. I solved problem. I found the explanation of J20 on tx2 board.
The jumpers of J3, J6, J9 (~B04) integrated into J20 (c02) but I couldn’t find this in the schematic packages.
The schematic package is too huge to find this for me. Anyway thanks again.