How use Xavier kernel fiq_debugger

hi all:

 the xavier linux kernel have fiq_debugger,I want the fie debugger how to use.thanks !!!

I haven’t tried that out (don’t know if it will work on Xavier), but here’s some base information on the topic:

Note that you would have to have the vmlinux and Image files on your host PC, so you’d want to exactly reproduce the current kernel config and add your own and not throw away some of the kernel build content you would normally ignore. Before you start save a pristine protected copy of the “/proc/config.gz” and edit the “CONFIG_LOCALVERSION” to match the current system:


With the Image and vmlinux matching each other you can start learning (as I said, I’ve not used the fast interrupt debugger, but the above would still be a prerequisite since it uses kdb and kgdb.