HowTo: PWM & hobby servos

feel sure someone must have been here before.
any pointers to a complete example?

ideally I prefer to keep USB free and use GPIO only if possible.

servo power separate from TK1.


you need 50Hz output and just change the PWM. But it’s not going to be very precise.
It’s better if you stick with external board for this.

Something like Arduino or any other MCU board is good for controlling servos. I’m commanding my MCU board over USB for convenience but using UART or even I2C/SPI are all valid options.

One reason why I’m using external MCU and RTOS for this is that I may want to change the servo position frequently and doing something like that in Linux’ user-space introduce quite an overhead.

In this website you can find the solution. I’m using Arduino and PWM’S (You can set up your own frequency) Feel free to ask.