HPC SDK 22.5 is now available

Please refer to the Release Notes for full details.

Download the current release at https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-hpc-sdk-downloads.

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I have a query about whether the HPC SDK will work under hyper-v and wsl on a Windows platform. I also have access to a native linux distribution. I use openSuSe mainly.

Hi Ian,

I’ve not tried Hyper-V so not sure about that, but WSL2 works well. Though if doing GPU programing be sure to use a more recent CUDA Driver, see: CUDA on WSL :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation


Thanks for getting back so quickly. I’ve gone with ubuntu 20.04 on a dual boot uefi based system in the end. The install was pretty smooth and the ubuntu install handled the uefi security issues very well. I will look more at the wsl situation when I get a bit of spare time. I’m currently working my way through the examples in the May 2022 Cuda Fortran Programming Guide at the moment.