Human detection on Jetson Nano


Is it possible to perform human detection on Jestson Nano? Important thing is I have got cameras, which record in IR, so it is black and white only. I would like to detect half body, from the waist up, ex. when man is behind an obstacle.
Do you know any good algorithm with database for this task?

If Jetson Nano performance is too low, what device can you recommend?

Yes it is possible! We perform real-time RGB object detection (including a “Person” class) in the object following example of the JetBot project:

You could try converting the image from your camera to RGB format and evaluating the accuracy. The model was trained on a variety of images so it may generalize well.

Otherwise, you may need to collect your own dataset and train a model for your task. I recommend checking out the two days to a demo tutorial which covers a variety of neural network tasks on Jetson:

Either way, there is likely a suitable method for person detection that will run on Jetson Nano.


Thank you for your answer!

Convert IR image to RGB seems to be interesting idea, but it is dificult to implement in real-time system I suppose. Maybe you know any good way to make such kind of conversion? As far as I know such conversions are hand-made.

Actually I am trying to run human detection using Yolo algorithms on Jeston Xavier.

I got another question:

Is it possible to extend RAM memory size on Jeston Nano? I need something about 6GB.

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While you can’t increase the physical RAM, you can enable swap memory. This will use the SD card for any overflow memory that doesn’t fit in 4GB. Maybe this would be enough for your application.

For example, to enable 4GB of swap you can call the following from a terminal

sudo fallocate -l 4G /var/swapfile
sudo chmod 600 /var/swapfile
sudo mkswap /var/swapfile
sudo swapon /var/swapfile
sudo bash -c 'echo "/var/swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab'

If you don’t want to permanently enable the swap (through reboots), don’t execute the last line.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


We just tried to use swap and detection was running, so target was achieved. But I am worried about memory lifetime. Flash memory is not suitable for such work, so I am affraid memory will be quickly destroyed (maybe I am wrong?). Extension of physical RAM memory seems to be the best way to solve my problems but I don’t know it is even possible?

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