I want to downgrade cuda 10.2 which is included in jetson nano by default to 10.0

I set up jetson nano with an sd card. Then cuda 10.2 was included by default. Due to the opencv dependency I want to put, cuda needs to be 10.0. How can I change the jetson nano cuda to 10.0?

Hi kubo1,

You will need to reinstall the whole JetPack4.3 to get the CUDA be downgraded to CUDA 10.0, it can’t be downgraded individually due to there are dependencies with other SDKs/Libraries.

Thank you very much!

I already installed os using the SD card, is it possible to delete just jetpack and reinstall it?

Hi kubo1,

Yes, you can use JetPack to reflash your Nano device.

How can I uninstall jetpack from jetson nano?

JetPack is an installer to help you install the SDK on device and setup you development environment, it has never been installed on Nano directly.
Follow the steps at Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager.

ok. If I use jetpack to install a new cuda, will the version of cuda currently on nano be automatically updated?

Please select to use JetPack 4.3, the CUDA 10.0 will be there by default on Nano.

Thank you.
I want to put nano into recovery mode, how can I do it?

Please read the HOW TO INSTALL JETPACK section from Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide

Thank you for the polite explanation.

I wanted to include cuda10.0, so I installed os, cuda etc using sdkmanager. It succeeded, but there was a phenomenon that there were 14 partitions of the sd card plugged into the nano. Before installing OS etc., there is only 128GB unallocated space. One of the partitions is mainly allocated about 15GB, and the remaining 12 are unknown and finally 110GB are unallocated. Is there any cause or countermeasure for this phenomenon?

You might be interested in this:

FYI, embedded systems do not have a BIOS, and the partitions which are not the rootfs are used for booting.

thank you. I solved.