I want to know more about Quadro RTX 6000

I want to know detail about Quadro RTX 6000. such as maximun number of warps per SM(streaming multiprocessor) , Effective global memory bandwith.
Please explain in detail how I can get this information.

check out the NVIDIA-Turing-Architecture-Whitepaper.pdf

I’m using the Quadro RTX 6000 and want to calculate Turing’s occupancy.

Is it possible to calculate occupancy( active warps / maximum number of warps per SM) through CUDA occupancy calculator in Turing GPU?

And, Where can I get details of Turing GPU like maximum number of warps per SM?

Please explain to me.


Turing Tuning Guide :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation (nvidia.com)

Thx for replying.

Can I know how much a kernel or a SM uses global memory bandwidth?

What am I supposed to do?

Otherwise, is there a maximum value of memory bandwidth that can be used by one SM?