ibdump on Connect-IB cards

We have Mellanox Connect-IB MCB194A-FCAT,FDR cards, and would like to run ibdump to diagnose message issues.

However, it seems like ibdump is searching for mlx4 device by default and may not support mlx5.

Running ibdump command, yields following error:

ibdump -d mlx5_0

Initiating resources …

searching for IB devices in host

-E- Unsupported HW devices id (1ff)

-E- failed to create resources

Here’s the output of ibstat:

CA ‘mlx5_0’

CA type: MT4113

Number of ports: 2

Firmware version: 10.10.4020

Hardware version: 0

Node GUID: 0xe41d2d030006d110

System image GUID: 0xe41d2d030006d110

Port 1:

State: Active

Physical state: LinkUp

Rate: 40 (FDR10)

Base lid: 1

LMC: 0

SM lid: 3

Capability mask: 0x0651484a

Port GUID: 0xe41d2d030006d110

Link layer: InfiniBand

Is ibdump supported on mlx5 devices?

Thanks -

Anal Patel

Thanks - That’s good to know.

Is there any other mechanism that I can debug to see Infiniband multicast

traffic is working OK. I have apps on two machines which communicate

sporadically. I don’t think ethtool or ifconfig counters will display

Infiniband traffic stats. Is there any other way to diagnose until ibdump

is available.

  • Anal Patel

Since this can go many directions, I suggest you open a ticket with Mellanox support. let the folks debug your issue.

send your issue to support@mellanox.com mailto:support@mellanox.com

As far as i know, the current driver is lacking the support for this functionality. The guys in Mellanox saying that it is expected to be support on the upcoming Mellanox OFED driver 3.0 (sometimes during Q2/2015)

Stay tune…