ibdump not working for 100G Mellanox card, MLNX_OFED 3.4.1


ibdump is not working with 100G Mellanox card. I am using RHEL 7.0 kernel 4.7.

[root@localhost ~]# ibdump

Initiating resources …

searching for IB devices in host

Port active_mtu=1024

MR was registered with addr=0x1219010, lkey=0x4ce0, rkey=0x4ce0, flags=0x1

Device : “mlx5_0”

Physical port : 1

Link layer : Ethernet

Dump file : sniffer.pcap

Sniffer WQEs (max burst size) : 4096

Failed to set port sniffer1: command interface bad param

Hi Rama,

If the port protocol is configured as Ethernet, please follow instructions from our Mellanox OFED Driver UM:

Supported in ConnectX®-4 and ConnectX®-4 Lx adapter cards only.

3.1.17 Offloaded Traffic Sniffer

Offloaded Traffic Sniffer allows bypass kernel traffic (such as, RoCE, VMA, DPDK) to be captured by existing packet analyzer such as tcpdump.

To enable Offloaded Traffic Sniffer:

1.Turn ON the new ethtool private flags “sniffer” (off by default).

$ ethtool --set-priv-flags enp130s0f0 sniffer on

2.Once the sniffer flags are set on the interested Ethernet interface, run tcpdump to capture the interface’s bypass kernel traffic.

Note that enabling Offloaded Traffic Sniffer can cause bypass kernel traffic speed degradation.

ibdump - Dump “Infiniband” traffic from Mellanox Technologies ConnectX HCA

The dump file can be loaded by Wireshark for graphical traffic analysis


Hi Sophie,

from Document I got:

ibdump: Ethernet and RoCE sniffing is supported only on

Connect-X3 and Connect-X3 Pro cards.

Any thoughts supporting ibdump for ConnectX-4 cards?

I am looking for ibdump so that I can use wireshark software.

From the MLNX OFED document it says that,ibdump connectx4 cannot caputre RoCE or Ethernet packets. It can only capture infiniband, only Conx3Pro can.

Why is this limitation? Why cant we use ConnectX4 for capturing ethernet traffic, i suppose it should be enabled.