not able to capure packets with ibdump


I am using 10G Mellanox card. I have generated traffic with krping. krping is success. But ibdump packets counts are not incrementing. Am I missing some thing?

Do I need to use any specific MLNX OFED stack for 10G card?

Currently I am using MNPA19-XTR. In the web I got wireshark to capture RDMA packets for windows.

For Linux any specific wireshark package available?



Thanks Talat, Your inputs are use full us to proceed further

Hi Rama,

could you please tell me the device type (ConnectX3 or ConnectX4) and the Link type( Ethernet or Infiniband )

I guess that you use Ethernet and you want to capture RoCE packets.

you can see HowTo Enable, Verify and Troubleshoot RDMA

To be able to use ibdump, you need to enable flow steering.

a. To enable flow-steering:

  • add/create /etc/modprobe.d/mlx4.conf file and add this line:

options mlx4_core log_num_mgm_entry_size=-1

  • restart the driver

#/etc/init.d/openibd restart

(Make sure the you still have IP configured on the interface)

b. Run some RDMA traffic (e.g. ib_send_bw or similar above)

c. run ibdump to create *.pcap file.

# ibdump

Initiating resources …

searching for IB devices in host

Port active_mtu=1024

MR was registered with addr=0x61b8f0, lkey=0x10010d00, rkey=0x10010d00, flags=0x1


Device : “mlx4_0”

Physical port : 1

Link layer : Ethernet

Dump file : sniffer.pcap

Sniffer WQEs (max burst size) : 4096


Ready to capture (Press ^c to stop):

Captured: 82133 packets, 88626986 bytes

Interrupted (signal 2) - exiting …

Captured: 82133 packets, 88626986 bytes

# ls



d. Open the pcap file using wireshark (or similar program)

In this case RoCE V1 was used (ethertype 0x8915)



Hi Talat,

My device is Connect X2, 10G Ethernet. It is Ethernet type. I can able to capture packets now with wireshark. But the packets are ROCV1 packets. I have generated traffic udaddy, krping. From web I found to get traffic ROCEV2 I have to insert driver mlx4_core with parameter roce_mode=2. But to get this driver option I need to install MLNX_OFED stack.

Any tools are available to get ROCEv2 packets




As we see in the Mellanox Webpage, ConnectX2 devices doesn’t support RoCE V2, see


The Mellanox NICs with its hardware offload support takes advantage of this efficient RDMA transport (InfiniBand) services over Ethernet to deliver ultra-low latency for performance-critical and transaction intensive applications such as financial, data base, storage, and content delivery networks.

Mellanox adapter cards (ConnectX-3 Pro and onward) support RoCE which allows RDMA to be used across both L2 and L3 networks thanks to IP and UDP headers.