Is support for IB Dump available in OFA OFED?


I am aware that IBDump can be used to capture RDMA communication, on/through a Mellanox RNIC, when Mellanox OFED is installed.

But there is something more that I am curious about:

  1. Can MOFED be used with RNICs from other vendors? (As per the information available, NO)

  2. If I use OFA OFED, and a Mellanox RNIC, do I still have IBDump support? and can I still capture RDMA communication?

  3. Does the firmware of Mellanox RNIC too has some support for this capturing, and will it not work(capturing) if the firmware does not has that support?

Hi Samer

Thanks for clarifying!

Need some more understanding about your statement “theoretically it can work with inbox driver” also, which driver are you referring to as the inbox driver?

Further, I would like to explain my purpose, for which I am seeking the details :-

I have a Client(Host) setup with Centos 7.2, kernel 4.13.10 and Mellanox Connectx-3 RNIC.

I do not install MLNX_OFED because when I install MOFED, I am not allowed to insert my ‘nvme-rdma’ module.

Hence I load the default driver with my modifications (nvme-core, nvme, nvme-fabrics, nvme-rdma).

I would like to know if there a way I can use IBdump to capture the communication with my setup.

Also is there any other way I can capture the RDMA traffic while using the default drivers or OFA OFED?



  1. MLNX_OFED supports only Mellanox adapters

  2. The Ibdump is a tool that comes with MLNX_OFED and tested on top of MLNX_OFED, theoretically it can work with inbox driver.

  3. The firmware should be compatible with MLNX_OFED version , you can check the release notes of each OFED version under the supported firmware versions section .




“theoretically it can work with inbox driver” , means it wasn’t tested and certified by Mellanox , We cannot guarantee full functionality of the tool on untested driver.

You can try and check if it works .