IMAD.MOV instruction

I see IMAD is considered as integer instruction according to [1]. Does that mean all these instruction are integer (note the mov instruction)?

IMAD R12, R10, 0x4, R9 ;
IMAD.MOV.U32 R13, RZ, RZ, -0x8 ;
IMAD.IADD R10, R10, 0x1, R11 ;
IMAD.WIDE.U32 R4, R4, R5, c[0x0][0x218] ;


One more question. I extracted the sass code of a program and grabbed one kernel and manually counted the INT instructions based on [1] in the previous post.

Stats are
FLO (1)
IADD3 (10)
IMAD (69)
ISETP (33)
LEA (2)
LOP3 (9)
POPC (1)
SHF (3)
SHL (2)

total (130)

With nvprof, I see the invocations are 1459. So, my calculation says the number of integer instructions are 189670.

However, “nvprof --metrics inst_integer” shows 261807.

Is the are reason for this difference?