Important Tesla Driver Update

On Monday 12/14/2015, NVIDIA Tesla drivers on were updated to fix an important bug that was discovered in the previous 352 versions of the driver, including those in the original CUDA 7.5 release. The bug can result in a silent data corruption when allocating more than 4GB in a single allocation.

We recommend all Tesla users who are currently using version 352 drivers to upgrade to this latest version (352.68 on Linux and 354.56 on Windows) from

Note that older drivers (346 and 340) do not have this bug and remain unaffected.

Notifications about important updates can be received directly via email by signing up at this link:

I already update this…

I am currently an Apple user, I am facing the problem while updating the nvdia driver on my MacBook Pro. I cant resolve this problem. I got a bit of my support from Contact Apple TV Support and Customer Service at +1-855-729-1098 which gave me much of my support.

Hi @medelgary789, you’re posting in the developer forums on a thread about Linux drivers that is a couple years old.

As an end user, you can get support for installing NVIDIA drivers via

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