Importing enviroment error (How can i move USD to ubuntu Desktop)

Before asking answers thanks to all of NVIDIA team
i followed the Isaac sim docs
and nowdays i am making my own env but there are errors
first 3ds MAX do not supported ubuntu
so using another desktop i download 3ds MAX connector and Omniverse VIEW
and it worked like this

Cool and to open that files in my ubuntu Desktop to run isaac sim
i ziped it as tar.xz and by using USB download it on my ubuntu Desktop
but i don’t know why it’s not worked…
the reason why i do this i can’t connect windows Desktop with ubuntu on nucleus
i also followed the docs and copy invite URL
but it doesn’t work it showed perfectly not LOG IN button is not working
so can you let me know how to move USD filed to Ubuntu PC…?
as like i said i worked perfectly on my windows! but after download and move it to my Ubuntu PC it’s not worked…
necleus inviting URL is not working as well

*When i import that USD file on my ubuntu PC i can’t see anything just screen is black with coordinates