Improving GPU Memory Oversubscription Performance

Originally published at: Improving GPU Memory Oversubscription Performance | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Since its introduction more than 7 years ago, the CUDA Unified Memory programming model has kept gaining popularity among developers. Unified Memory provides a simple interface for prototyping GPU applications without manually migrating memory between host and device. Starting from the NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture, Unified Memory enabled applications to use all available CPU and…

where is the code example?

You can find the code example here . Thank you for your interest.

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yw, I downloaded and updated to the latst Commit: 0754981b37b343474c45222ea487c9667551e854 [0754981] of master branch.
But could not find any project files, how to debug .cu file using window 10& VS2019?
Commit: 0754981b37b343474c45222ea487c9667551e854 [0754981]
Parents: 9ad4c010fd, 5a003551a1
Author: Mark Harris
Date: Tuesday, August 3, 2021 2:44:36 PM
Committer: GitHub
Merge pull request #36 from chirayuG-nvidia/unified_memory

Add Unified Memory oversubscription benchmark

Apologies for the delay in the response.
We don’t have visual studio project files for this sample, I think it should be easy to convert to a VS project from the provided Makefile. Worth mentioning that many of the Unified Memory features such as on-demand paging, oversubscription discussed here are not available on Windows, these limitation are documented here.