IMX390 MIPI driver setup

I got a SG2-IMX390C-MIPI since it is listed on the Jetson Partner Supported Cameras website. I am running Jetpack 5.1.2 on a Orin Nano 8GB developer kit. How can i get the camera running?

Follow the advice on Configuring the Jetson Expansion Headers — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

This adds the imx390 as an available device.

Run sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/

Then choose CSI setup. If you followed the website above the 7th item will be the IMX390.

  1. Camera Dual IMX274
  2. Camera IMX274
  3. Jetson Camera Dual-IMX274
  4. Jetson Camera E3331 module
  5. Jetson Camera E3333 module
  6. Jetson Camera IMX185
  7. Jetson Camera IMX390


Sorry image above is from a web site so doesn’t show all the options on a Jetson Orin Nano

Save pin changes

Save and reboot

That means that i have to create a Custom Device Tree Overlay (dtbo file), right? Is it possible to use a similar one as the stock AGX Orin file? Which changes are necessary to adapt the file to a Orin nano?

here’s IMX219 camera driver, which by default supported on Orin Nano,

Sorry @felix.krabbes.lzc I am using dual imx219 cameras so can’t help on your 390. I thought the explanation given in the link I sent was something I could follow and I am a linux novice. Give it a go.

I am using a IMX390. Is it possible to use the IMX219 driver? This site

states that is supported.

hello felix.krabbes.lzc,

here’s IMX390 driver supported on AGX Orin.

according to this…

it doesn’t looks like the one as same as we’re supported on developer kits.
may I know who’s your sensor vendor? did they also provide the dtbo file to enable the sensor driver?

The vendor is sensing-world. I could not find a driver on their website.

There is a similar Model from Seeed Studio. Has anybody this Sensor running?

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