Inconsistent Framerate

We are running an application that can create multiple scene renderers that use opengl. In my testing I normally run this with 4 different renderers and am using a target of 60 FPS. I have noticed that if I keep everything to the 2 external monitors I have no issues with the application running at 60 FPS on each pane and each pane averaging about 1 ms per render call. But If the application comes up on the main laptop monitor the frame rate gets really wonky even if I try moving the application back to the external monitor. When I say wonky I mean that most of the renderers will not be hitting 60 fps, the time per render goes up quite a lot but not past 16, the cpu goes up and the GPU use goes up. Not only that, but once that happens even if I only bring the application up on the external monitors the framerate will still be affected. This will persist until I restart the computer.

I have a laptop with the a Quadro P4200. Normally I run this setup with two ASUS ROG monitors and turn off the laptop screen. I am running the 461.40 drivers on Windows 10 pro 64-bit.

The 2 ROG monitors are running at a framerate of 59.951 Hz and the laptop screen is running at a framerate of 60.008 Hz.

I noticed this issue because I was running a different setup and would see this issue and then I noticed with my regular setup I never see this issue. We also see this in another application we run that uses multiple monitors.