Increase throughput ConnectX-5 100Gb Ethernet RHEL7.5

I have a pair of HP DL360 Gen10 server with ConnectX-5 1 port 100Gb Etherenet PCI cards installed. They are connected to a 100G Arists switch. The servers ​have RHEL 7.5 installed. I am trying to push a single UDP multicast from one server as a sender to the other as a receiver using nuttcp as a test program.

Steps I have done so far:

  1. Increased udp mem and tuned system via sysctl parameters
  2. tuned interface configuration via ethtool
  3. bound nuttcp processes to correct processors via numa tools

Even after all this tuning, the max I am able to push is ~21Gb. Is there a way to debug this further to see if I can get more bandwidth pushed through?

Hi Keith,

I see that you have opened a support case with Mellanox in order to investigate further your issue.