Increasing the RAM memory for custom application

I have a requirement that we need to expand the 8GB RAM on TX2 , is it possible to expand the memory ? if so what is the procedure to do it

Hi skabhilash10,

The TX2 is a module design product, not able to expand the memory by customer.
Could you share the use case to see if able to provide suggestion for some optimization?
Or you may consider to use Jetson AGX Xavier, it has 16GB RAM.


Hi Kaycc

Its for medical imaging , currently we are using Nvidia TX2 but we are finding that the current 8GB of RAM is not sufficient for the AI application we want to run so requesting is there any way we can increase the TX2 product RAM to >16GB or can you suggest higher configuration SBC board

FYI, RAM for use by GPU has to be physical RAM. Normal user space processes can use swap space (even if only user space can swap, then swapping user space implies more physical RAM available for the GPU). You might want to add details as to what will be using the RAM in order to make suggestions about how to work around the RAM limitations. Xavier has 16GB of RAM, and is the most RAM I know of in any embedded system.

Is it possible to increase Xavier’s RAM so that GPU can use it?

Xavier can already use all of its 16GB of RAM (shared with the o/s). There is no option to expand that amount.