Memory expansion

Our specific application is going to need more RAM than is specified for the NX module.
16GB would be fair and 32 GB would be perfect.
Could you suggest some way of expanding this amount ie. through PCIe?
or is it possible to order modules with more memory or the SoC alone?
The added memory will primarily be used for video buffering, so nvram/ssd/flash is not an option…
Also the AGX will be too power hungry/expensive so we are not going that way either.

Hi, it is not supported to expand RAM size and only 8GB version is available at present. The power consumption of Xavier NX is maimum 5A @ 5.5V as listed in datasheet.

Hi, we are sad to hear that, but then:
Will it be possible to order the SoC alone?
Could you suggest some other way of adding a secondary volatile storage media, through PCIe for instance?

Jetson NX is sold as module, no SoC alone. For secondary storage, there is SDIO port for external SD card or you can choose PCIe for that. Please check OEM DG and datasheet in DLC for more info.

Did my last post just get deleted?
I posted a reply to the above at 01/15/2020 sometime PM.

Hello Trumany,
I did not see the OEM DG for Xavier NX in DLC. Could you please show me the link?