Jetson AGX Xavier 32 GB emmc

What is the actual emmc 5.1 32GB card used for Jetson Xavier AGX? I’m curious about what its reading and writing data rates are and what voltage it uses so I can upgrade to higher GB

Do you mean the eMMC on module? We don’t support “upgrade” it.

My bad. Yes I mean the eMMC. I need to expand memory. I see they come in different varieties and I want to make sure I get one that will work (i.e. standard reading/writing speeds, correct voltage, etc). I don’t need anything fancy, but I also don’t want one that works poorly and gives me a headache down the road.

E.g. will kingston emmc work or is it wise to bite the bullet and go a bit more expensive with samsung

This is the one I’m looking at:

Hi, we don’t support/recommend any change on module components.

Can you tell me what the eMMC 5.1 32 GB module is currently on the Jetson AGX Xavier like you guys did for the TX2? Is it the same?

The one you are asking is the NVMe SSD option on carrier board, not on module. You can use that to NVMe slot on carrier board.

Ok I’m sorry because I’m a bit new so my terminology is a bit confused. All I want to know is the storage currently installed on the AGX

When it says it has a 32GB storage, what exactly is this “thingy”?

“32GB” means the eMMC storage on module. No need to concern it and it can’t be changed. If you want to expand storage, you can choose the NVMe SSD to install on carrier board NVMe slot.

Ok I suppose I’m misunderstanding. I figured if I can see what the read/write speed is of the eMMC on module (32GB), then that would give me a good guideline to know what to look for in expanding storage. Does this make any sense? And if it does, what is the eMMC on module so I can check specs?

They are different interface, one is eMMC, another is PCIe 4.0, can’t be reference each other. For supported eMMC and PCIe features, please refer to the Xavier module datasheet.

Ok thank you. I went ahead and bought a version of the Samsung EVO Plus NVMe PCIe Gen 3 256GB.

My Samsung 256GB NVMe PCIe works, closing now

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