Jetson Xavier NX: How to use image from SD Card instead of the default eMMC?

Hi everyone,
I’m using Jetson Xavier with Jetpack 4.6
I tried to upgrade to Jetpack 5.0.1 but I run into problem during the installation. I used SDK Manager on my laptop (host PC) to install the new jetpack to my xavier nx via USB. During the installation, I can’t complete the SDK installation due to the eMMC memory are full.
As we all know, eMMC for Xavier NX is 16GB. Hence, I tried to use a 128GB SD card and flash the Jetpack 5.0.1 to the SD card. When I attached the SD card to xavier and turn it on, Xavier still load from eMMC instead of SD card.

My question is how can i change the priority or is there any step that i need to take in order for my Jetson xavier NX use SD card instead of eMMC?

Is this issue on NX or AGX Xavier? These two are different platform… and you file the topic on AGX forum…

On Xavier NX. I tried to find Jetson Xavier NX tag but I only found the AGX. This is my first time using the forum.

Ok. Moving the topic to NX forum.

The second question here is, I think you misunderstand something.

If your sdcard slot is not on the module, but on the carrier board, which means it is a slot added by the board vendor. Our official tool is not able to flash things to it.

We don’t have a module that has both sdcard and emmc at same time.

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You can try to use nvme or usb drive instead. Which could be supported.

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Thank you for your answer. I think I understand more now. I’ll just rewrite it here so that future readers can understand it too.

So if the system-on-module (SOM) doesn’t have an SD card slot, it can only boot from eMMC even though the carrier board has an SD card slot. If SOM has an SD card slot, it can only boot from an SD card.

In my case, the SOM can only use eMMC so I cannot use an SD card as an alternative. Hence, I have to add an SSD (NVME) and install the Jetpack here instead. Another alternative is a USB drive.

Actually, it does not mean you can boot from only emmc or sdcard… My point is we only support emmc, internal sdcard, usb and nvme.

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Okay yeah, just saying that from my perspective haha.

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