Is 16GB eMMC storage meant to be sufficient for the Xavier NX?

I have flashed the NX with the SDK-Manager according to Nvidia’s guide. I also installed the DeepStream SDK. After flashing there’s not enough free space to install the camera drivers I need.

I’m quite new to the Jetson ecosystem, so it’s likely I’ve just missed out on something fundamental. My questions are thus:

  • Is 16GB meant to be sufficient, and if so, have I overlooked something that has filled up the storage?
  • Or is the eMMC only meant to boot the OS, and the NX is supposed to work with additional storage?

Thanks in advance.

(I’m using Auvidia’s carrier board which has an SD card slot that I intended to use, but it doesn’t seem to work and I’ve contacted them for troubleshooting/support)


You can try to boot the rootfs from sdcard with below tutorial.

Thanks, I might resort to doing that once I figure out the issue with the Auvidea carrier board.

But my question still remains. What’s the purpose of the eMMC if I’m not going to boot from it?

I’ve removed as much as I can of other stuff that for some reason came preinstalled (libre-office, thunderbird, sudoku etc.), but that didn’t help much.

Please note that I said you can boot the “rootfs” from sdcard.

Only the file system is on the sd. Some bootloader components are still on emmc.

Ahh. I see how that can be useful. Thanks.

Do you have any articles or resources on this topic you can point me to? This is somewhat new territory for me.

Anyways, I appreciate the help

Here is the boot flow of jetson NX and AGX Xavier.

I assume you are still a module without secure setting so only need to refer to the flow in grey.
Since kernel is the one with most of I/O drivers, it can support most of external storage.

For example, it can load the file system on emmc,sd, usb, nvme. However, kernel itself and cboot are still on eMMC because those bootloader components don’t support as many drivers as kernel.

Thank you!