Xavier NX support boot from SD card?


NX emmc only 16G… Does Xavier NX support boot from SD card?

Hi suchb,

Yes, every Tegra platform is able to put rootfs on external media.

But firstly, you need to have a custom carrier board which has sdcard slot on it.

Hi Wayne,
When we use NX module witch is integrated eMMC and a custom carrier board whigh has sdcard slot on it, how do we flash boot image to SDcard instead of eMMC. In the " Flashing to an SD Card" of L4T document , it seems that Only NX devkit and Nano devkit support to flash image to SD card.
If I should look into other section or document, please let me know.


You have to know there are differences between “sdcard image boot on NX/Nano devkit” and “boot rootfs from sdcard or any other external storage”.

  1. sdcard image on NX/NANO: This method includes part of bootloader, whole rootfs on sdcard image.

  2. boot rootfs from sdcard or any other external storage: This method only includes the rootfs on sdcard. The bootloader is still on emmc.

If you are using emmc production, then there is no way to create a whole sdcard image and use it directly.

Hi Wayne,

I don’t think the answer addresses the root issue.

So the typical setup in this thread is an NX 16GB eMMC module with an external SD card on a carrier board.

The root issue is that after the default installation, there is less than 1GB of space left on the eMMC, not enough to install any kind of serious software packages.

As you said, it’s not possible for NX eMMC module to boot from the external SD card. But besides the bootloader, how to use the external SD card for the rootfs so that extra apt packages can be installed?

I tried to use /dev/mmcblk1p1 as / in /etc/fstab, but the rootfs is still mounted from /dev/mmcblk0p1.

Hi xlz,

Please reference this topic steps to flash image on external devices.