How to flash Jetson Xavier NX?

Hi! I’m trying to go through this instruction:
I need it for adding more space to my device so the rootfs will be on sd card.

I did everything in the example part with the difference that I use sd card, not nvme.
But how can I do this part: sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc nvme0n1p1 ?

I put the Jetson into recovery mode and I see it in lsusb on my host PC with linux. OK. What’s next? is on the Jetson and while it is in the recovery mode it isn’t accessible thoriugh ssh and show nothing on screen. Should I do it on the host PC? Or what?

Thanks in advance.


what exactly do you want to do?
You mean you can flash the SD card successfully, but don’t know how to flash the NVMe drive?
What L4T version are you using?
This document is quite old, and you should refer to our official developer guide.

The last question, is your Xavier NX with a SD card slot or integrated eMMC?
You should use jetson-xavier-nx-devkit but not jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc as the board config file is you are using the SD card version.

I have Jetson Xavier NX with 16GB emmc. It’s not enough.
I have 32 GB sd-card. I want to use it as a main storage.

There is this article wich says that I can do this by mounting the rootfs from an external:

It has a link to the guide I mentioned earlier.

I’m using versions from here: (35.4.1 on this moment).
Yes, my Xavier has sd-card slot.

How should I use it?


our official Xavier NX DevKit does not have a SD card slot on the carrier board; for the SD card version, the slot is on the module itself, but not on the carrier board.
So looks like you are using a third-party carrier board? If that’s the case, please contact the vendor for the customized BSP.

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