Boot Jetson Xavier from microsd when both mmc and microsd includes JetPack images?

Hello everyone,

We have flashed Jetpack 4.4 on Jetson Xavier NX with Nvidia SDK Manager. It works fine. On the other hand we have microsd image that already has the jetpack image. How do we choose boot location (eMMC or microSD)?



Jetpack image is only for jetson devkit. If you are using custom board, it will not work.

I am using custom board but both microsd and mmc storage options are also available for devkit. If we consider that devkit is used, how can I change the boot option?

followed this link


I am not 100% sure that I understand your question. Could you elaborate what will be your usecase if you move to devkit?

I think my comment was not clear enough so let me clarify it again.

  1. There are 2 kinds of modules. One has sdcard slot on it but no emmc storage. Another one is vice versa.

  2. Sdcard image will only work for modules which have sd slot on it.

  3. We expect custom board will only work with emmc module. Emmc module is called production module and all our design guide document is written for emmc module.

  4. Even if you have a carrier board + emmc module that has extra sdcard slot. Sdcard image will not work on that either.

4th bullet answers my question thanks @WayneWWW.


I bought custom board Xavier NX product link. Which has both eMMC and microSD slot on it. Storage of the eMMC is not enough to store my code and other stuff. I thought that it can be expanded via microSD ( like 32 GB microSD or sth.)

Note: As it can be seen at the link, custom Xavier NX module hasn’t got M.2 expansion slot for SSD drive.


You could mount the rootfs to the sdcard.
But that is not through the sdcard image.

If you are using custom board now, then do not refer to any posts that are using sdcard image anymore.