Jetson Xavier NX, External Boot(SSD or sd card), Changing Boot order from emmc to external


I am using Xavier NX carrier board (16gb emmc).
I would like to flash Jetpack 4.6 with sdk components to SSD or sd card and boot from this external SSD (dev/sda) or sd card (dev/sdb) .

Then I would like to use this SSD or sd card by installing multiple Jetson (Xavier NX carrier board) for performing various operation.
What is the best way for doing this and how can I setup and boot from external? How can I change boot order from emmc to external easily?

Thank you

The first question here is how is there a sdcard since you are using a emmc module?

Jetson Xavier NX carrier board has 16gb eMMC as on-board storage and installed on a different hardware that have external SSD and external microSD card options. When I boot from eMMC, SSD is recognized on dev/sda and microSD card is recognized on dev/sdb.

Ok, so it is a custom board. Could you share the dmesg of this board?

dmesg.log (68.4 KB)
Sorry for my late reply. I hereby attached the dmesg.log of the board.

I don’t see any of “sdb” from your log, did you really have sdcard connected?

dmesg-2022_02_18.log (68.5 KB)

I am sorry that I didn’t realize to connect microSD card. Here is the new log data. Thank you


Your “micro sd” is not using the sdmmc/sdio interface on jetson, right? I mean it is on something like usb or else.

SD card slot is using from usb. Thank you

Then for tegra side, it is treating as a usb device. You have no extra sdcard device on it.

For changing the boot order, please refer to

→ Choosing a Boot Device for Jetson AGX Xavier Series Platforms

Hi ,
Thank you for your information, So I can follow the usb boot instructions for my sd card.
How about my SSD with SATA connection? It is recognized on dev/sda.
Thank you


NX does not supprt SATA… I guess your “SATA” just one another usb on NX, right?

I am sorry about my wrong explanation. SSD using the PCIe interface and convert to SATA. So using interface is PCIe.


I cannot guarantee the PCIe-> SATA is supported over cboot or not. What we guarantee is the NVMe drive.

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