How to boot from sd card in jetson xavier nx production module (16gb emmc)

Hello everyone,

I am actually stuck here from past few days
I have jetson xavier nx production module(with 16 GB EMMC) with the custom carrier board (similar to p3509-0000)

As you know the production module does not have the sd card slot , it has emmc only in my case and the sd card slot is given in the custom carrier board.

I am able to boot the the board successfully from the emmc. but i need the jetson to boot from the sd card present in the carrier board.

Can somebody help me with the exact steps to follow now to get my jetson board boot from my 64 gb sd card present in the carrier board.

(i have the dtsi files from the pinmux configuation provided from the carrier board manufacturer)

Please first make sure if you boot from eMMC, the SD card on the carrier board can be correctly recognized by Linux kernel.

Yes, I have booted from eMMC. but i think the sd card is not getting recognized.
Below is the full dmesg
dmesg.txt (65.6 KB)

Then you should ask the board vendor on how to use the SD card slot on the carrier board.

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