Xavier NX cannot from SD card

I would like to booting from SD card with my custom carrier board and using the method as following:

the Jetpack version is r32.5.1, Xavier NX is production(emmc) version.
When I used the command:
$ sudo ./flash.sh jetson-xavier-nx-emmc mmcblk1p1

then insert the SD card and reboot, the system will reboot again and again,
in the debug messages, I found some errors like this:

[0004.331] I> ########## SD (0) boot ##########
[0004.332] I> No sdcard
[0004.332] I> -0 params source =
[0004.332] E> Blockdev open: exit error
[0004.333] E> SD boot failed, err: 724238353

But I am sure I have setting the sdmmc3 in dts file and worked normally.
How to fix it?
sdboot.txt (25.0 KB)

The sdcard boot by default only boots from the internal emmc but not the extra sdmmc3.

I mean the cboot code does not support to boot from sdmmc3. What you can do is boot kernel from internal emmc and let it mount your file system from sdmmc3.

That is what you are doing now. However, it seems your kernel and initrd on the emmc are corrupted, that is why it fails to boot.

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