Boot from storage ( microSD eMMC) Jestson Xavier NX

Hi all,

i have a question regarding two different Jetson Xavier -NX modules

  1. The module that you get when you buy the Developer kit

the Jetson Xavier-NX module from developer kit doesn’t have soldered the eMMC and you have to use the SDcard for boot ?

  1. The production module have a 16Gb eMMC

so when i design my own carrier board for the production module do i need the SDcard for boot or can i boot form the 16Gb eMMC ?

So if i don’t need the SDcard i can not implement it and then boot from module eMMC?



No SDCard needed. You boot from the eMMC

Hi gtj,

thank you for the answer.

one quick question where is the SDIO card located on Jetson Xavier NX dev kit? Is the SD card connector soldered on Xavier-NX module or on the carrier board?


It’s on the underside of the NX module.