Is it possible to buy a Jetson Xavier NX module with an SD card module installed instead of an EMMC?


We are interested in integrating the Xavier NX modules in our project, however the attached EMMC is too small for our usecase.

Is it possible to buy the Xavier NX module, with an SD card holder, similar to the modules available with the DEV kits?


You may check the hardware partner list for 3rd-party carrier boards, maybe one of them features sd-card slots:

I am looking to buy the module itself(and not a carrier board) with a SD card instead of the standard EMMC . We are developing our own carrier board for our application. The module sold with the Xavier dev has a SD card slot…

Having the SD card on the Xavier module directly simplifies things a lot.

The Module is designed by NVIDIA as such changing the design would require NVIDIA to make a new module. We at Connect Tech Inc. routinely add many different mass storage options on our carriers. Since you are developing your own carrier you would have to add in the storage options your prefer. Some examples of Xavier-NX carrier I/O and Storage can be seen here >>