Jetson Xavier NX customization

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We are a European company (Inkomerc Holding) that develops and manufactures its own car radars for measuring the speed for the police.

At the moment we are interested in creating a new device based on the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit.
Based on this, we have the following questions for you:

  1. Are we eligible to purchase large quantities of the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit to manufacture our own products?
  2. Can we purchase the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit from authorized distributors (, or can we order it directly from NVIDIA for serial product (100-200 pcs.)?
  3. Is it possible to make changes in Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit for our specific requirements (replacing connectors, changing memory size, etc.)?

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FYI, the dev kit isn’t for resale…the warranty does not transfer. The dev kit uses an SD card, whereas the full module has eMMC. The eMMC model would require using a third party carrier board, and the warranty is transferable.

Many people do buy the eMMC model, and then either purchase a carrier board from a third party, or else create their own carrier board. There are reference designs available. This is ideal for making different connectors available, and perhaps to some extent memory, but someone else would need to answer specifics.

Developer Kits are not intended for production for reasons mentioned in our FAQ: Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer
For production, our recommendation would be Jetson Xavier NX module which has EMMC as opposed to SDCard. You can either develop a custom carrier board (we have hardware partners who can provide this service. Refer here Jetson Ecosystem | NVIDIA Developer) or can buy a full system based on Jetson Xavier NX from our partners based on your requirements Jetson Partner Hardware Products | NVIDIA Developer

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Thank you.
Is the Xavier NX module available with 16-32 GB RAM, or 8 GB only?

@sergej.filusin check Jetson Xavier NX for Embedded & Edge Systems | NVIDIA
Jetson Xavier NX module is available with 8GB DRAM only.

It is larger and more expensive, but the full AGX Xavier does have more RAM.

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