Diffrence between Xavier NX production VS devkit?

Hi evryone. i have a question. what are the diffrences between xavier NX module and devkit module?
i want to install a diver and it ask me choose my system on module.
Choose your system on module
1: NVIDIA Jetson Nano (production)
2: NVIDIA Jetson Nano (devkit)
3: NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB (devkit)
4: NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX (production)
5: NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX (devkit)
6: NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier (devkit)
7: NVIDIA Jetson TX2 (devkit)
Option (1-7):

how can i konw if my system is production or devkit?

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I would recommend checking this query in the below channel


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If you have the SD card slot on NX module, then it’s devkit module; otherwise it’s eMMC version module.
You can also refer to Jetson Xavier NX - eLinux.org

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