How to differentiate production modules from development modules (on developer kit boards)


I have two Jetson Xavier NX developer kits: one is the standard one, with a development CoM without eMMC and with SD Card slot; and one commercial kit with a production CoM, with eMMC, NVMe and without SD Card. I need to find a reliable way to detect each one of them from SMBIOS information, so after run dmidecode, I figure out the best (and possible only) way would be through the Asset-Tag. I have the following Asset-Tags for both devices (omitted some numbers for privacy):

Jetson Xavier NX (P3668-0000, for development only): Asset-Tag = ???-13668-0000-??? ???
Jetson Xavier NX (P3668-0001, commercial kit): Asset-Tag = ???-13668-0001-??? ???

I’ve saw the same pattern in other Jetson Xavier NX commercial device which matches the module model (3668-0001). My question is: can I trust on those parts: 13668-0001 and 13668-0000 from asset-tag to differentiate these two variants?

Hi, please refer to this link: Jetson EEPROM Layout — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

  • 0000 for Jetson Xavier NX development module (bundled with developer kit)
  • 0001 for Jetson Xavier NX production module (8 GB RAM)
  • 0003 for Jetson Xavier NX 16GB (16 GB RAM

Thanks @Trumany , I’ve checked the link and it answers my question.

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