Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson Xavier NX development kit

I am a little confused about the pricing of the Jetson Xavier NX development kit and Jetson Xavier NX.
The SOM costs more than the development kit. Are there any extra features on the SOM that are shipped separately or what else is the cause of the change of price?
Here is the purchasing link of Jetson Xavier NX Module which costs $479.00
This is the link of the Jetson Xavier NX development kit which costs $399.00

One difference that I had noticed is that the Jetson Xavier Nx module has a built-in 16GB eMMC however there is no eMMC in the jetson Xavier NX development kit. Is there any difference between the SOM that comes with the development kit and the one that is shipped separately?

Jetson developer kits are not for production use. The developer kit is used to develop and test software in a pre-production environment.1 year warranty.

Jetson modules are designed for deployment in a production environment throughout their operating lifetime.
3 years warranty.

Is there any eMMC present in Xavier Module ?
I didn’t see it in Xavier development kit.

Please check this page. It is not sold along with devkit.

@WayneWWW is a Jetson NX development kit that has a built-in eMMC, which would then support Production mode? If the answer is no, then does Nvidia have recommendations on different carrier boards that can best be used with Jetson Xavier NX Module?

Devkit supports both production module and also the sd module.

@WayneWWW Can you please point me to the link of the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit that supports production module (eMMC). I could on find one version of the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit on Nvidia’s website:

Buy the Latest Jetson Products | NVIDIA Developer

The were a total of 3 vendors and none them had a version of the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit without the micro SD module:

  1. 945-83518-0000-000 | Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit by NVIDIA | Embedded System Development Boards and Kits |

  2. NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit (812674024318) : Electronics

  3. NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX Developer Kit - Seeed Studio

I think what you need to understand is how the product is getting sold…

  1. sdcard module will not be sold alone. It will always be sold along with the devkit.

  2. production module is sold alone. Because such module is provided to vendors who want to make their own carrier board.
    But production module can be used on devkit too. → This is the point of my previous comment.

Thus, actually you won’t find a devkit sold without sdcard module…

So how can production module be used on devkit? Where can I find that Jetson Xavier NX Development Kit (not the stand alone module)?

Let me say this again so that you can understand

If you just want to ask about those retail,
→ You won’t get a devkit that is sold along with emmc module. This thing does not exist over the market.
→ But you can probably buy another carrier board made from other vendors and they may sell the carrier board alone.

But if you already have a devkit, no matter where it comes from, maybe last time you bought another sdcard module.
→ You can remove the sd module from the devkit, plug in a emmc module, and this emmc module can work fine on devkit. That is my point that “devkit can support emmc module”.

How hard (or easy) is it to swap the sd module for the eMMC module? It seems like this may not be straight forward. Is there any walkthrough guides that would be able to assist me?

Hi dcapers44,

Please unlock the screw and remove the Xavier-NX module on J2, then you can swap the module.
Please reference detail from User Guide.