Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson Xavier NX development kit

I am a little confused about the pricing of the Jetson Xavier NX development kit and Jetson Xavier NX.
The SOM costs more than the development kit. Are there any extra features on the SOM that are shipped separately or what else is the cause of the change of price?
Here is the purchasing link of Jetson Xavier NX Module which costs $479.00
This is the link of the Jetson Xavier NX development kit which costs $399.00

One difference that I had noticed is that the Jetson Xavier Nx module has a built-in 16GB eMMC however there is no eMMC in the jetson Xavier NX development kit. Is there any difference between the SOM that comes with the development kit and the one that is shipped separately?

Jetson developer kits are not for production use. The developer kit is used to develop and test software in a pre-production environment.1 year warranty.

Jetson modules are designed for deployment in a production environment throughout their operating lifetime.
3 years warranty.

Is there any eMMC present in Xavier Module ?
I didn’t see it in Xavier development kit.

Please check this page. It is not sold along with devkit.