Replacing onboard eMMC by micro SD card slot


I have an old project based on Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit (which is not currently availiable). Developer Kit has a micro SD card slot. Image for micro SD card has more that 36 GB.

Now I need to build another one device. I have old Carrier Board from Developer Kit, but new Jetson Xavier NX, which has onboard eMMC 16 GB. I would like to desolder eMMC and replace it with micro SD card slot.

If I will do it properly, will it work? It is not under warranty.

Thank you.

There are bootstrap on module for recoginzation what the module is/
It can’t be modified.
Thus your idea is not doable.

Ok, thank you for your reply.
Will it be possible to buy Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit or just Jetson Xavier NX with SD card slot?

The Xavier NX devkit is EOL, you may google on internet to see if still can buy one.

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