Micro SD card slot not available on Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit

Hi, we purchased Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit from amazon (8GB ram and 16GB eMMC). But the developer kit does not contain a micro sd card slot. Upon contacting the vendor they replied Xavier and Nano boards no longer come with a micro sd slot and has only M.2 NVMe slot for expansion. Kindly advice on whether this is the current scenario or have we been mislead. Thanks in advance.

I asked a similar question when I first started working with the Xavier NX dev kit. Ours does not have a microSD card and only the eMMC for flashing.

When flashing, just following the procedures for using the dev kit without the micro SD slot.

Hello. I am having the same problem and am trying to find the right developer kit. It’s the same Jetson nano. I would appreciate knowing if this is the necessary software?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi, the Xavier NX developer kit comes with two different settings: one with only eMMC, another one with only Micro SD slot. It seems like you bought the one with only eMMC.
You can use the internal eMMC for flashing, but as it only has 16GB, you may also try the M.2 NVMe slot.

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