Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX : traget Hardware is not detected by the SDK manager

Hello I am new to this forum, I was trying to use my new Xavier for my project but it came without the memory card. So I searched for help in the forum and got a solution like use the SDK manager to flash the module. But my module is not detected by the SDK manager. I am totally confused what to do next?

The SDK manager is to reflash the SW onto you device, you still need to have the SD card on you NX devkit.
You can also write image into SD card directly, please refer to Getting Started With Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer

Thank you @kayccc But in my module, there is no SD card slot. Do I need to add an SSD then? But I have seen some threads like the production model for Xavier NX is coming without an SD card. I appreciate your help

Where did you get this Xavier NX? Is it Nvidia devkit or from partner?

If that’s our devkit, you should be able to reflash your device via JetPack by SDK manager, not matter the NX module is SD card or eMMC verion.

You can download the SDK Manager on your Ubuntu host PC. (for JetPack 5.x, plese use Ubuntu 20.04 as host OS, other JetPacks should be 18.04 version)

Follow the guidance. Put your board into recovery mode and flash it.
See also: SDK Manager unable to find Jetson AGX Orin Development Kit

It’s not an original NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX developer kit.
Refer here:


@kayccc Thank you so much for the help. I found this board in our University lab, I believe it is eMMc version as there is no memory card slot in this.
I have tried using SDK manager with ubuntu 20.04 as Host, but after downloading the files while installing it throws multiple errors. Now I am trying to figure it out. I will share the error report soon.

@MtHiker I was trying to figure out these carrier board details but never find any documents related to this. thank you for sharing the link. I found this board in our Uni.

@arunetmnr ,

  1. The user guide does not have any remarkable differences to the original NX development kit.

  2. Your NX has an eMMC as a storage then choose NX module not a dev kit or
    $ sudo ./flash.sh jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1

Everything above is an guess, as I cannot test & prove it.
Most simple way I think is to contact the vendor.

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