SDK Manager unable to detect Xavier NX

Hi, need some help with reflashing a Xavier NX.

Some info:

  1. Xavier NX is the 16gb emmc variant
  2. Carrier board/developer board was previously used for a Xavier NX with SD card slot and was functioning properly and was flashed with JetPack 5.1
  3. I reformatted the SD card on the Xavier NX with SD card slot and plugged it in and powered in on to see if it was reformatted
  4. I replaced the Xavier NX with SD card slot with the Xavier NX 16gb emmc variant
  5. when powered on and plugged into a monitor, only an NVIDIA logo (green and white) is seen and nothing else changes or moves
  6. When put into recovery mode (pin 9 and 10 on carrier board shorted), SDK manager (on both ubuntu 18 and 20) unable to detect the board.
  7. lsusb does not show that the board is present
  8. I have verified that my micro usb to usb cable is functioning by plugging it into another device and checking lsusb

Have looked through all/most of the relevant post. Help would be appreciated, cheers.

First time using this host to flash a jetson board? Is it VM?

Hi @WayneWWW not my first time flashing using sdk manager but it’s the first time this particular host machine is flashing the jetson board.

I not using VM, am dual boot ubuntu.

Thanks for the prompt response

edit: fixed jumper cables were at the wrong pins, foolish mistake by me👍

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