Sdk manager does not detect nx developer kit via usb microb

I am using ubuntu version 20.04.4 LTS.
The version of the SDK is 1.8.0 100363 and is connected to the nx developer kit via USB Micro-B.

Target Device was NVMe.

The flush progressed to 99% but failed with an error.

After that it stopped detecting.

Can I reset the NX Developer Kit to its factory defaults?

I tryied Jetpack 4.6.2.

There is no “factory reset”. The default image is from sdkmanager to flash either emmc or sdcard.

You can try that basic case first.

thank you for replying.

What can I do about the fact that it is no longer detectable?

Did you put the board into recovery mode?

If you didn’t, then it is normal that it didn’t get detected.

How can I use the NX recovery mode?

it’s resoved.
I connected Jumper pin.
after that, sdk manager detect Jetson.

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